Hanstholm wildlife Reserve

The area is rich with wildlife. Rare bird species breed here, and large populations of crowned animals live on the undisturbed areas.

Due to the conservation, there is limited access, and during the breeding season you can still look at the landscape from a distance.

The bird tower in Sårup, in the northwestern part of Tved Klitplantage, is located high on the old coastal slope.

From here there is a particularly good view of the inner and closed areas of Hanstholm Wildlife Reserve.

Bring good binoculars.

Saarup Fugletaarn

Around the lakes you will see different events from a rich wildlife that takes place at different times of the year.

In March-April, you may be lucky enough to experience cranes dancing and trumpeting in the ponds below the tower before settling on the breeding grounds in the reserve.

Later in the summer you can see them strut around in pairs with one or two cubs.

Traner 2

One of the best places to experience the red deer in the reserve is also from the tower.

In late summer, up to 400 animals can be gathered in the dune terrain next to the tower.

Later, the herd splits up during the rut, when the large male red deer have each gathered their own herd, which they zealously guard over.

Hanstholm Vildtreservat 6

When the deer roar out over the wilderness on a windless evening at sunset, you will forget the present and feel relegated to the primeval times.

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