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Private sites

The private sites are well protected by close-grown bushes and trees and offer a high degree of privacy.
The sites are located on theold, cosy part of the campsite and are suitable for tent, caravan or motorhome.
All private sites have access to electricity.
There is space to park up to 2 cars on the site. Access for one car is included and you can buy access for 1 extra car. If there are more cars, they can be parked in the car park by the reception.
Periods31/3 - 17/6
1/9 - 29/10
17/6 - 15/7
20/8 - 1/9
15/7 - 20/8
Private site70,-85,-110,-
Children 2-11 years50,-55,-60,-
Extra car25,-25,-25,-
Electricity connection incl. 2 kWh40,-40,-40,-
Electricity per kWh from5,-5,-5,-
Showers per 3 mintues6,-6,-6,-

The private sites