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Whether you are planning a study trip, hosting a big family get-together or a veteran car gathering we have the facilities as well as many accommodation options.

Whether your group is in need of theoretical or physical activities, the campground’s unique location provides many opportunities for both.

To make it as easy for you as possible please note, that we can also assist you with anything from planning daily activities to renting party tents, cutlery and DJs for your event.

Accommodation options

At Nystrup Camping Klitmøller you can choose between staying overnight on the campground in your own tent, campervan or caravan or you can stay in one of our cozy cabins. The cabins can sleep two to six persons.

Remember, that when you travel together in a large group, it is possible to book campsites or cabins close to each other.

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Our common house seats 60 – 70 dining guests and entering the room, you are taken back in time to a camping era where lots of color and retro furniture was the perfect backdrop for your camping holiday.

The Nystrup Ranch is an old stable with grass on the roof and is made of big black wooden crossbeams. The Nystrup Ranch seats up to 35 people, and has a western style décor with wooden benches and tables as well as sand on the floor.

There are kitchens in the cabins, but it is also possible to cook in one of the 3 communal kitchens. It is possible to use the facilities if the entire group stays overnight at the campground.

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Among many things, here are some of the activities, that we can recommend for a stimulating day in Klitmøller:

  • Guided hikes in the national park
  • MTB or bike tours in the national park
  • Surf school
  • Riding trips for novice and experienced riders
  • Fishing by the ocean or at a nearby lake
  • Sea kayaking
  • Golf courses
  • Excursions to the fortress at Hanstholm, the harbor and lighthouse

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Below are price examples for transportation around Thy. The trips should be booked directly through South Thy Taxi & Minibuses. Please note that the prices are indicative and only apply upon booking and confirmation from the transportation company.

Special trips around the lovely local area can also be arranged in vehicles of all sizes.

Give us a call (+45)  and get a great price! 🙂

Sydthy Taxi Minibusser

Location / Prices 2024For up to 4 people.For up to 4 people.For up to 4 people.For more than 19 people.
Sjørring train station - Klitmøller400 dkk.500 dkk.1000 dkk.Request a quote.
Thisted train station - Klitmøller450 dkk.550 dkk.1200 dkk.Request a quote.
Klitmøller - Hanstholm city/bunker400 dkk.500 dkk.1000 dkk.Request a quote.
Klitmøller - Vorupør400 dkk.500 dkk.1000 dkk.Request a quote.
Klitmøller - Thisted center450 dkk.550 dkk.1200 dkk.Request a quote.
Klitmøller - Lyngby650 dkk.750 dkk.1500 dkk.Request a quote.
Klitmøller - Lodbjerg700 dkk.850 dkk.1600 dkk.Request a quote.
(Of course, the trips can also be conducted in the opposite direction.)