• Surfcamp


(The Surfcamp can only be booked by surfers!)
The surf camp is located in the northern part of the large meadow on both sides of the small creek. It can only be booked by surfers and offers a cosy and relaxed atmosphere.
No specific sites can be reserved at the surf camp. Upon arrival, you will choose a free spot.
Please note that after a successful day on and by the sea, you cannot be sure of getting the same spot again.
Originally, the surf camp was founded to offer surfers an inexpensive alternative to sleeping in car parks and forests.
Today, the surf camp can still only be booked by surfers. A prerequisite for booking is that you have surf equipment with you or have booked a surf course.
If you would like to stay overnight in the surf camp area but are not a surfer, then book a place on The meadow instead. You are then welcome to camp on the part of The meadow where the surf camp is located.
You can camp at the surf camp with a tent, caravan or motorhome.
Access to electricity is available at various points.
There is space to park one car on the site. Additional cars can be parked in the car park across from the reception.
Periods31/3 - 17/6
1/9 - 29/10
17/6 - 15/7
20/8 - 1/9
15/7 - 20/8
1 car and 1 person100,-125,-150,-
Extra person50,-50,-50,-
Electricity connection incl. 2 kWh40,-40,-40,-
Electricity per kWh from5,-5,-5,-
Showers per 3 mintues6,-6,-6,-
(1 person & 1 sleeping unit are included in the price)