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Experience Klitmøller

Activities and unique experiences in Klitmøller

Klitmøller is a paradise for nature enthusiasts of all ages. The views extend as for as the eye can see and there are vast options for anyone who is looking for an active holiday in northern Jutland’s breathtaking scenery. Perhaps National Park Thy’s many bicycle and hiking trails will tempt you. Perhaps a round of golf or maybe a walk or a surf lesson along the shores of the North Sea at northern Europe’s best surf spot, Cold Hawaii, is more your thing.

Because of Klitmøller’s location, many of the outdoor activities here are often associated with the sea. Especially surfing and sea kayaking are very popular, but also trips through the unique dune landscape, the historical sites and the old fisherman’s village will no doubt complete your stay at Klitmøller.

Luckily, Nystrup Camping Klitmøller is in close proximity of all of these activities, and the many pathways and marked trails make it easy and safe for everyone to get from A to B.

Hiking and walking trails in Klitmøller

Klitmøller offers a wide variety of hiking and walking trials for all ages and fitness levels. From a couple of hours to multiple day trips in Nationalpark Thy to short strolls along the beach, through the duns, the town and atmospheric harbor. Please note, that many of the trails are marked, making it easy to get around.

Golf vacation in Klitmøller

Near Klitmøller you will find one of the most scenic golf courses, Nordvestjysk Golfklub (www.nvgolf.dk). A beautiful park course, where the wild nature, not to mention the sneaky winds blowing in over the trees, will challenge even the best of golf players.

The course is in great condition and only 4 kilometers from Nystrup Camping.

Nordvestjysk Golfklub also has a very nice Pay & Play course, which has a close resemblance to a links golf course. It is a good golf course and novice as well as experienced golf players will have a great time there.

Running on the beach and in the forest

You will find a varied terrain for running in the area surrounding Nystrup Camping Klitmøller. Many campers exercise regularly and will not let their holiday interrupt their running routine.

You can go for a run on the beach, in the forest, in the dunes or on many of the smaller roads in the area depending on which surface and terrain, you prefer for your daily run.

Explore Klitmøller on bicycle or mountain bike

The natural environment surrounding Thy is home to a prolific bird and wildlife, which anyone interested in nature can explore either on foot, horseback, a bicycle or mountain bike.

The newly established bicycle trails provide stunning views over the area’s coastal and wildlife reserves as well as plenty of opportunities to stop along the way, relax and perhaps enjoy a picnic.

You can also consider visiting the century old Stenbjerg Landingsplads with it’s old, white equipment buildings, which the fishermen built in the beginning of the 19thcentury. At the information center on site you can learn more about National Park Thy and study the parks unique wildlife and vegetation on the beach, in the dunes and moors to the plantations.

Are you looking for a bit more action? Then hop on your mountain bike and go for a brisk ride on one of the trails in the dune plantations. This will no doubt raise your pulse and make you sweat!

TIP! By Vandet Sø there is a 6,2 kilometer long mountain bike trail, that starts off from the parking lot at the 12 kilometer mark on Klitmøllervej.

Surfing and sea kayaking

Read more about surfing and sea kayaking in Cold Hawaii here

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