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Cold Hawaii

Experience Denmark’s best surf spots in Cold Hawaii

Cold Hawaii is the name the surfers have dubbed the 50 kilometer long stretch of coast in Thy on the northwestern shores of Jutland, and it stretches from Hanstholm in the north to Agger Tange in the south. The name Cold Hawaii stems from the areas particular wind and weather conditions, which the surf spots on the American Hawaii islands are also famous for.

In fact, Cold Hawaii boasts a total number of 31 registered surf spots, where novices and experienced surfers alike have plenty of opportunity to challenge the waves.

Surfing in Klitmøller

Especially the area around Klitmøller is ideal for wave, wind, kite and stand up paddle surfing (SUP).

Klitmøller is also the preferred starting point for both local and visiting surfers. Because of the short distance to all the good surf spots, it is easy and fast to go where the best waves of the day can be found.

The surfers who live in Klitmøller today have built an exciting surfer community and brought new life to town. Every year several events take place here like Surfjoint, a two-day event where visitors of all ages can enjoy surfing, circus, games, DJs and live music. Furthermore, since 2010 Klitmøller has hosted the international surf competition Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup, where 32 of the world’s best surfers compete.

Do you want to learn to surf? Then check out Cold Hawaii Surf Camp  and WestWind Surf Shop Klitmøller

Activities in and around Cold Hawaii

Sea kayaking has become increasingly popular in recent years. The area around Klitmøller however is mostly suited for experienced kayakers, as the wind and strong currents can be challenging.

Are you looking to kayak in calmer waters? Then thankfully, Limfjord is not far away, and if you are lucky, a curious seal may pop its head up and you will be able to experience the prolific bird life up close.

Finally, Cold Hawaii’s closest “neighbor” is none other than famous National Park Thy. The national park can be visited year round and has hiking routes for all ages and ambition levels.

Stay in a cabin or surf camp in Klitmøller

At Nystrup Camping Klitmøller we offer a surf camp with lots of space for mobile homes and caravans. In the surf camp you will find a nice campfire, little hobbit cabins, a sauna as well as rinsing and drying facilities for your kayak and surfer equipment.

At the campground, you will also find classic cabins for rent, shower facilities, a common house with a living room and dining space, free wireless Internet and a small shop that sells delicious local produce and freshly baked bread in the morning.

Find more information about the campground here

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