Distance: 46,9 km

On the border between Thy and Han Herred, there is a world of its own – an indescribable experience for nature lovers.

Here is Vejlerne – Northern Europe’s largest bird sanctuary – an approx. 6,000 hectares of low-lying area, lying as meadows, reed forests and brackish water lakes, a Ramsar site of international importance.


Since Vejlerne is the birds’ sanctuary, people do not have access to the area, but the birds can be studied from dams and bird towers.

Vejlerne 3

You get a greater experience of Vejlerne by using the bird towers, i.a. at the old railway dam between Frøstrup and Vust.

Here you can go out into the reed forest on a narrow footbridge.

Vejlerne 5

In Vejlernes Naturcenter, located by the main road A11 / 29, you can get more information about Vejlernes history and wildlife.

Here you can also take a closer look at the area through the binoculars in the center.

Vejlerne 2