Agger Tange

Distance: 45,5 km

Agger Tange with Svaneholmhus is the southernmost tip of Thy and the southern entrance to National Park Thy.

Svaneholmhus Information Center about Thys National Park is located on Agger Tange by the ferry port at the very bottom of the southern tip.

In the house you can learn more about the special nature of the area. About the coastal lagoon and the beaches, plants and birds that can be found on Agger Tange.

Agger Tange

The landscape on the narrow strip of land and just east of it differs with its lagoons and salt marshes from the habitats in the rest of the national park.

Agger Tange 3

Agger Tange is one of Northern Europe’s most significant resting areas for waterfowl.

Agger Tange 7

Harbour seals are often seen on the banks at Agger Tange. The ferry port is a great place to stand to look out over the banks.

Agger Tange 5