Distance: 13 km

Vorupør is an authentic small fishing village with about 800 inhabitants, from which coastal fishing has been conducted for several hundred years.

Here you have the opportunity to enjoy the sea, the beach – all in one place.


In Vorupør, the country’s first sea bath has been built, which makes it possible to bathe in the fresh salty sea water, without having to worry about high waves or rip current.


The pier

During the summer, the pier is packed with anglers. It is especially the mackerels that entice.

The best time for fishing is in the morning and in the evening.


Nationalparkcenter Thy

Denmark’s first National Park Center opened in 2021 in the dunes at Vorupør Landingsplads.

The new center serves as an entrance to a special nature experience.

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The North Sea Aquarium

In Nordsø Akvariet, more than 80 exciting fish species swim around in true-to-nature surroundings.

Here you can experience the giant shark pool, the tunnel and a special touching pool for children.

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Vorupoer 2

Vorupør Museum

Vorupør Museum is housed in a boatyard that has built boats for coastal fishermen.

Many of the old machines have been preserved and refurbished, so you can see the wheels spinning and the adz biting into the wood.

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Vorupoer Museum


Strandet is a sea-plastic workshop, where through activities and installations, stories are told about the sea and sea-plastic pollution.

This is also where some of the sea plastic that is collected is recycled.

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