Lodbjerg Lighthouse

Distance: 33 km

In the middle of Denmark’s largest wilderness – National Park Thy – lies Lodbjerg Lighthouse.

The lighthouse was built in 1883 of granite blocks from Bohus in Sweden and is located on a 13 meter high moraine hill.

The lighthouse itself is 35 meters high and a little bit crooked, because an attempt was made to dig a tunnel from the lighthouse to a bunker at the back of the lighthouse during World War II.

The blink can be seen 35 km away on the North Sea. Until 1932, Lodbjerg Lighthouse was petroleum operated. After this, a number of automatics and light bulbs were installed. The lighthouse was fully automated in 1967.

Today, ship traffic has GPS – but Lodbjerg Lighthouse is still lit.

Lodbjerg fyr 3

Lodbjerg Lighthouse was restored in 2019 and has a beautiful exhibition with the history of the lighthouse from the beginning of construction to the present day.

When you visit Lodbjerg Lighthouse, you can meet the volunteer lighthouse keepers.

Here you can hear them talk about life at the lighthouse in different periods, the rare plants of the dune heath and much more about the history of the lighthouse and the nature of the area.

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In the old lighthouse keeper’s residence by Lodbjerg Lighthouse, there is now a cozy café where you can eat freshly baked homemade cake and enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea.

The café serves muffins, pastries and cookies as well as ice cream, juice, coffee and tea – all organic.

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