Giant windmills in Østerild

Distance: 33,6 km

At the test center for giant windmills in Østerild, you can get really close to the wind technology of the future.

The wings from the giant windmills whiz just above your head, and the wind turbines are with their impressive up to 280 meters height up to 100 meters higher than the normal wind turbines you see in the Danish landscape.

Oesterild Testcenter 3

Here you can get answers on how a wind turbine is built and see different wind turbine models.

You can also play with wind and wind tunnels.

Oesterild Testcenter 5

Just outside the visitor center is the lookout tower made of a bottom section from a Vestas wind turbine.

Here you can see something of a windmill from the inside.

Oesterild Testcenter 6

Inside the forest you can really see how big the individual wind turbine parts actually are.

A 62-meter-long Vestas wing has been laid out in the forest floor, which you can both look at and touch.

Oesterild Testcenter 4