Distance: 49,1 km

Bulbjerg is a 47-meter-high limestone knot on Jutland’s west coast and the only bird cliff on the Danish mainland, and as such the only breeding place of the black-legged kittiwake on the Danish mainland.

Here on the exposed rock ledges, the North Atlantic bird the black-legged kittiwake breeds in large numbers – up to 500 pairs.

The rarer Fulmar also breeds here to a lesser extent.

In addition, you can see a multitude of other birds on Bulbjerg.

Bulberg 2

The remains of Skarreklit – a 16-meter-high limestone cliff stood until 1978 as a giant fangs in the sea off Bulbjerg.

Bulberg 3

During World War II, Bulbjerg was a listening and radar post for the Germans’ cannon positions at Hanstholm.

Today there is an exhibition in the bunker at the top of Bulbjerg.

Bulberg 4