Horseback riding in Thy National Park

Distance: 9,6-23 km

Trips in the most beautiful equestrian terrain, which is very varied from coniferous forest, to broad-leaf forest and dune heath. 

Rideture i Thy – 9,6 km

Join us on a beautiful guided horseback riding tour in the beautiful Thy National Park.

Rideture i Thy offers nature riding for 1 to 4 people through the forest on beautiful forest trails and with great views. You ride horses of mixed breeds.

You do not ride in a large group, but only together with those you have signed up for the trip with.

The focus is on nature, enjoyment and tranquillity, we therefore ride at a leisurely pace.

Guided tour: 1 hour or lunch tour 3 hours.

Pony riding for children: 30 to 40 min.

Rideture i Thy


Stutteri Korreborg – 23 km

The rides take place on well-trained horses, which all tölt with ease at a good pace. 

 All tours are with a local guide and the use of a riding helmet is mandatory. 

 Pulling tours for beginners and inexperienced riders also take place in nature. 

Practiced: 1-4 hours tours or day trip incl. lunch  

Beginners and inexperienced: 20-30 minute tour 

Stutteri Korreborg